The 24th meeting of the European Red Cell Society (ERCS) “The horizons in red cell research,” was held from April 7-11, 2022 in Gazzada Schiano (Varese, Italy) at the historic Villa Cagnola. The conference focused on new studies, scientific discoveries, and molecular bases of red cell diseases bringing together authoritative scientists from around the world.
Cysmic was one of the sponsors of the ERCS meeting and presented the latest technologies applied to the study of red blood cells and membranes. Cysmic CEO Dr. Stephan Quint introduced the Erysense technology in his talk “Erysense: An automated point-of-care device for blood quality assessment”. Dr. Greta Simionato further highlighted the potential of Erysense for therapy monitoring in her presentation “Red blood cells influence blood flow and plasma content in severe COVID-19”. The meeting also featured a poster session and Cysmic Ph.D. student Marcelle Lopes won the award for the best scientific poster presentation – congratulations!