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Shedding light

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At Cysmic, our expertise lies in the development and fabrication of cutting-edge microfluidic devices that revolutionize the field of biomedical diagnostics. Microfluidics is a game-changing technology that allows us to manipulate and control fluids on a remarkably small scale, typically below 100µm in size. This miniature dimension opens up a world of possibilities for precise and efficient fluid testing analysis.

Our journey begins with chip design, where our talented team of engineers and scientists meticulously craft the blueprint for your microfluidic devices. Leveraging their deep understanding of fluid dynamics, biomaterials, and biochemistry, they create intricate pathways and chambers that optimize sample manipulation, reaction kinetics, and detection sensitivity.

Once the design is finalized, we embark on the transformative fabrication phase, where our cutting-edge technology comes to life. What sets us apart is our ability to fabricate microfluidic devices with structure sizes smaller than 10µm on an industrial scale. Through our expertise in injection molding, we achieve remarkable accuracy and reproducibility, enabling mass production of microfluidic devices with exceptional precision. Moreover, our vast selection of polymers ensures that we can tailor the device properties to meet specific requirements. With perfect optical quality and low birefringence, our polymers guarantee reliable and accurate results for a wide range of applications.

At Cysmic, we are committed to ensuring the highest precision and quality in the microfluidic chips we produce. To validate and verify the accuracy of our chips, we employ state-of-the-art techniques, including cutting-edge 3D laser scanning microscopy. This enables us to capture detailed images and measurements of the microfluidic structures at a microscopic level. This advanced imaging technique allows us to examine the intricate features and dimensions of the chips with exceptional precision and resolution. By generating three-dimensional representations of the microfluidic channels, we can thoroughly analyze and verify the integrity of the design. In addition to 3D laser scanning microscopy, we utilize a range of complementary techniques and quality control processes to ensure the precision and functionality of our microfluidic chips. This includes optical inspection, surface profilometry, and flow characterization tests. These techniques allow us to validate crucial parameters such as channel dimensions, surface smoothness, and fluid flow dynamics, ensuring that our chips meet stringent performance standards.
By employing these state-of-the-art techniques, we can confidently guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of our microfluidic chips. Our commitment to quality control and validation ensures that every chip we produce meets the highest standards of precision and functionality.

At Cysmic, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, employing the latest technologies and techniques to deliver microfluidic chips that exceed expectations. Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions in biomedical diagnostics and discover the unparalleled precision of our microfluidic devices.

Contact us today to explore the remarkable capabilities of our design and fabrication processes and discover how our microfluidic devices can elevate your biomedical diagnostics to unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.


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